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Unhappy Pie Face

Three unhappy franchisees are to sue franchisor Pie Face for estimated losses of A$2 million. They claim the franchisor misled them as to operating costs and then opened competing stores in close proximity.

Franchisee Victory Highlights Lessons

The Billy Baxter’s Court of Appeal ruling in favor of the franchisee to the tune of $1.2M has law firms and the Franchise Council of Australia prospecting for additional revenue from Australia’s franchisors.

Franchisee Winds Up Franchisor

Billy Baxter’s ex-franchisees Ross and Sue Pollard were awarded $1.2M on appeal after the Court found earnings figures proved were misleading. As the franchisor failed to make payment it now faces a winding up application.

Franchisee Renewal Rates: Here We Go Again!

IFA President Steve Caldeira recently wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal complaining that a recent article about the perils of franchising “ignores that more than 90% of franchisees renew their contracts with their franchisers at the end of their terms.”  The obvious claim is that more than 90% of franchisees are successful and happy. 

Aussie Franchising Doing It Tough, US Lags

Free MoneyThere has been a constant call for years for the Australian federal government to intervene in small business; particularly in franchising. The banks have tightened lending criteria, franchise sales are down and franchisors are squealing.

Planet Power

Planet PowerSaving the planet in Australia is a might big job but at Planet Power it’s just one small step at a time. This franchise has gained a reputation as a progressive new age green concept. Core franchisees closely associated with the franchisor are not whining at all. But everyone else is.

Court Decides For Bank of Queensland Franchisor

BoQJustice Buchannan in the Brisbane Federal Court of Australia has dismissed a claim by a former Bank of Queensland franchisee who alleged the bank misrepresented branch turnover. The bank suggested he was a poor performer.

Home Loan Franchisees Lose Own Home

In Australia, the Wizard Home Loans franchise was once an FCA award winning pet contributor.

Ormond Sings ‘I Did It My Way’

For every franchisee in Australia that has ever taken a complaint to the ACCC, the Refund Home Loans outcome is reinforcement of Australia's strange franchising standards.

SSP Estimates 18% Profit Growth in 2010 for Franchisor

SPOOFBERRA, Australia - Spore, Spawn & Pawn predicts Australian franchise system numbers will mostly hold in 2010 after sailing through the global financial crisis mostly intact while predicting franchisor revenue growth will grow by 9.13% affording the opportunity to grow profit by 18.11%.