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Putting Together a Mobile Restaurant Campaign

With just about everyone and their grandfather glued to their smartphones, restaurant owners have to sharpen their mobile marketing campaign skills to increase business, keep up with the competition and stay abreast of the times.

Domino's Delivers Big on Super Bowl Sunday

Web page of Domino's for ordering pizza

Practice, training and preparation paid off this past Sunday as Domino's Pizza stores in Pittsburgh took on their biggest day of the year, with nearly 45 percent of Super Bowl Sunday orders coming in digital form.

In-Store Dilemma with Mobile Tech

Pop quiz, people. A customer walks into your store. She has her smartphone out, web browsing on, price-comparison apps and a whole world of online competitors ready and waiting. What do you do? What do you do?

Retailers Go Mobile, but Where Does Mobile Go from Here?

I don't know about you, but counting them all up, I think I saw no less than five demos of mobile applications at the National Retail Federation Annual Convention, an association representing retail franchises, including restaurants and specialty chains.