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Auto Dealers See Sturdy Profits, Hire a Million Employees

McClean, Va. – Auto sales have seen a strong rise of late amidst a rebounding U.S. economy. Information from various sources show that auto dealership profits and auto dealership employment are up.

Auto Dealerships: Franchising in a Heavily Regulated Industry

Automobile dealerships were the first type of legally recognized and regulated franchises. In fact, in 1937 Wisconsin enacted the first state law protecting car dealers from wrongful termination and non-renewal.

Franchise Associations Weigh In on Election

Speaker Boehner speaks
Press conference by Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on averting the fiscal cliff without raising tax rates. (Official Photo by Bryant Avondoglio, Nov 9)

WASHINGTON — Days after the general election, franchise lobbying groups continue to chime in on the results of the presidential election and their political agenda for the new term.

Too Many Franchises Spoil the Brand?

Front sign of Pontiac dealership, northern Michigan '09. photo/Quinn.anya

WASHINGTON — As the dust settled, the Obama Administration last summer issued a harsh report that was critical of the aggressive termination of franchises by General Motors and Chrysler during their bankruptcy proceedings. 

President Signs Tax Cut Law

photo/Chuck Kennedy, White House 12/17/10

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Late Friday afternoon President Barack Obama signed into law a two-year extension of tax cuts that were about to expire, as well as additional tax cuts. The U.S. House of Representatives had voted its approval the night before. The President was flanked by Vice President Joe Biden and other members of Congress.

Small Business Owners Poised to Vote GOP

IFA, friend to few Democrat Congressional candidates, chart:bmm source:IFA's Franpac

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Small business owners believe a Republican-controlled Congress will have a more positive impact on the economy.  According to a recent survey, 49 percent of small business owners would choose Republican congressional candidates if the elections were held today, while 38 percent would vote Democratic.

Higher MPG? Not If It Means Losing Cup Holders

A largest car dealer in the country, AutoNation, tells the Washington Post that selling high mpg cars to the public is like selling broccoli when what everyone wants is donuts.

Ten Most Powerful Franchise Associations

When it comes to industrial might and lobbying power, the franchise industry is lopsided. A few big groups have the lion's share.