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New Zealand Study On Franchisor StartUps

A New Zealand researcher is set to work on the development of a conceptual franchising model but first she intends to find out what goes wrong and why so many fail to grow or collapse.

New Zealand Franchisee Capitulates

What was he thinking? A New Zealand franchisee, who rebranded three of his franchises without the knowledge or consent of the franchisor, now finds those franchises belong to the franchisor.

New Zealand Franchising Analysis

The conduct of the Massey and Griffith Universities survey from which the data was taken appears to involve more effort than I have seen in any previous Australian study and for New Zealand it is a first.  Do the results line up with franchising’s global interpretations?

New Zealand Franchising Confidence?

How strange that from New Zealand we find reports of confident franchisors and not so confident franchisees.  It’s almost refreshing to read of a report that outlines a full range of franchising sentiment.

Green Acres Faces $8m Payout

An $8.1m claim to the High Court of New Zealand finds the Green Acres franchise facing off against more than 60 people.  It is alleged they were sold non-existent franchise businesses.

Franchise Deal Goes South in New Zealand

As New Zealand considers introducing franchise regulation, the timing of this case couldn't be worse.

New Zealand Travel Agency Rebrands Itself Yet Again

A New Zealand franchise system has decided to change its 32 year old name.

New Zealand annouce Regulation Review

Following on from the Australian Inquiry, New Zealand has now announced a