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How Dunkin' Plans To Attract Customers to Its Franchisees

Nigel Travis, CEO and chairman of Massachusetts-based franchisor Dunkin' Brands, speaks with Bloomberg about how the brand expects to attract more customers to its franchisees' businesses.

Dunkin’ Same-Store Sales Cool, Baskin’s Sizzle in Q3 2014

Dunkin' Donuts

CANTON, Mass. – Growth in same-restaurant sales for Dunkin' Donuts franchise owners in the United States came in at a disappointing 2 percent in its third quarter of 2014 compared to 4 percent for the same period last year. Sister company Baskin-Robbins recorded a stellar 5.8 percent in U.S. same-store sales.

What Is the Cost of a Minimum Wage Hike?

Ex-chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors Alan Krueger and Dunkin' Brands CEO Nigel Travis discuss how a minimum wage hike might impact restaurants and businesses.

Dunkin’s Asset-Light Model Gives Control to Franchisee Entrepreneurs, Pushes It Past Competitors on Wall Street

Dunkin' is developing a business model in which it owns no stores but then realizes that it needs to put its franchise owner-operators in charge of national functions because with no skin in the store game, it has operational blind-spots. So its franchisees own, lead and manage the national supply chain. It's a franchisee cooperative called the National DCP, LLC out of Bellingham, Massachusetts.

Dunkin' California Dreamin' a Slam Dunk?

From the ICR Exchange Conference in Miami, Dunkin' CEO Nigel Travis joins CNBC's Squawk Box on Jan. 16 to announce that Dunkin' will sell franchises in Southern California, supported by the new Arizona purchasing and distribution center that is owned and run by the brands' franchisees.

Dunkin Intros Pork & Seaweed Donut

Shredded pork. Seaweed. In a Dunkin Donut. Seriously.

Analyst Compares Dunkin' Brands to Boston Chicken

International Business Times recently published a follow-up piece to its July 28th article on Dunkin's IPO. IBT's article references last week's analyst coverage initiation of Dunkin' stock and the sell downgrade issued by lead underwriter Goldman Sachs. 

Wall Street Turbo Charges Dunkin’ IPO

Dunkin' CEO Travis at NASDAQ initial public offering
Dunkin' CEO Nigel Travis, photo/NASDAQ

Wall Street received a cup of turbo-charged Dunkin' stock as investors chugged down shares of Dunkin' Brands Group initial public offering Wednesday.

Dunkin’ Raising Money One Cup at a Time

As the Dunkin' Donuts road show for its upcoming IPO kicks off, the company showed off  new Dunkin’-branded single-portion K-cups at a meeting held today at New York’s St.

Observations from the Dunkin’ Brands Road Show: The St. Regis Edition

As I was leaving the Dunkin’ Brands road show appearance this Wednesday at the Manhattan St. Regis — a splendid affair with filet mignon, served chilled, and then topped off with a cup of delicious Baskin-Robbins ice cream for the 500 or so attendees — I listened to two youngish analyst-types discuss what they had just witnessed.  One analyst asked, “Now, why is Dunkin’ Brands doing this?” And the other immediately retorted, “Come on, it’s for the limited partner fees and the dividend.”