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Contract Obligations Apply To All

What is worse: a lack of memory or a lack of morals?

Jackson Hewitt Fight With Zees Heats Up

Who's your Daddy? A federal court wants to know.

Vote No on Restricting Competition in GA

Last year franchisees in Georgia won an important victory of a well established rule that non-competition agreements must have reasonable limits on time, territory and scope of restricted activity.

Federal Judge: Franchising Sounds Like Ponzi Scheme

Is franchising "a modified Ponzi scheme?" Last week, a federal judge said it might be.

Judge Affirms $16M to Alaska Avis Franchisee

ANCHORAGE – Last Thursday, US District Judge Timothy M. Burgess issued an order for Avis Budget Car Rental LLC to pay Alaska Rent A Car $16 million in damages, following a jury verdict last October.

Non-Compete, Non-disclosure and Non-solicitation Agreements

Business clients often confuse the above terms, each of which protect business owners from a different type of harm. I will summarize the three types of agreements below.