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After 5 Quarters of No Growth, Guest Traffic in U.S. Restaurants Dips Yet Again in Q2

Customer visits to U.S. restaurants and foodservice outlets remained negative in the quarter ending in June.

Beverage Orders Down at Restaurants

soda fountain photo by Blue MauMauCHICAGO—Although consumers who visit restaurants order drinks 70 percent of the time when visiting restaurants, beverage orders have declined 4 percent or 2 billion servings over a five-year period, finds a foodservice researcher. The researcher says consumers changing tastes and cost consciousness are behind the declines.

Pumpkin Beverages Spice Up Business for Restaurateurs

CHICAGO — One foodservice researcher has discovered that pumpkin specialty drinks for a limited, seasonal time benefits businesses. Limited time offers for pumpkin specialty drinks can spur additional purchases by established customers, bring in new customers, draw customers from competitors, and stimulate business during slow periods.

Casual Dining Restaurants Gain Ground in Burger Wars

Denny's new Thing Burger taps into Fantastic Four movie. Image/TV commercial

CHICAGO—There is a battle for restaurant lunch visits that is being waged between casual dining restaurants and quick service restaurants. The weapon of choice? Hamburgers. According to a foodservice researcher, hamburgers have helped casual dining restaurants win lunch visits by closing their price gap with quick service restaurants.

All Day Breakfast Isn’t a New Thing

When I was in college on the East Coast, when we were leaving the bars late at night we'd all go "out for breakfast." The food itself wasn't necessarily important but the fact that it would be our morning meal needed to be pointed out. I have since learned that men do this same thing all over the world.

300-Year-Old Pretzels and Other Ancient Doughy Foods

My wife and I were at a baseball game recently. Between innings she announced that she was going to get something to eat and drink and wondered (she's so nice) if I wanted anything. Surprising even myself, I said "a big pretzel." She came back with chicken nachos. They were delicious if you ignored the "cheese." There were no "big pretzels" in the zip code.

Global Lunch Traffic Improves but Major Chain Visits Weaken

CHICAGO – Lunch visits at foodservice outlets in several countries improved for the second consecutive quarter.

Cookies for Insomniacs, Delivered

Recently on some screen or another, I fleetingly read that the smart phone is the greatest tool ever invented for getting people to spend money.

Down Again in May, McDonald’s Makes Changes

Robert Gibbs, photo from Wikipedia
Robert Gibbs at his last press conference for Pres. Obama.

OAK BROOK, Ill. – McDonald's Corporation announced Monday that its same-restaurant sales for the United States was down 2.2 percent for May, lower than expectations.

Restaurant Spending Up but Visits Flat

Family eating at home, photo by
Consumers remaining at home. Photo by

CHICAGO – Spending in foodservice establishments has risen by 3 percent in the year ending in April 2015 compared to a year ago. That gain in spending is despite the flatness of consumer visits, according to researcher The NPD Group.