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Wendy’s to Upgrade Logo, Restaurants

Wendy's Reveals New Look for Restaurants
Prototype of Wendy's new look. Photo courtesy of Wendy's Co.

DUBLIN, Ohio — Wendy's announced last week that its brand is in the midst of a major upgrade. It plans to tweak its logo in March of 2013, upgrade restaurants, emphasize fresh ingredients in new menu items and better connect with customers via social media.

Activists Hold Ronald McDonald Hostage

Ronald McDonald with Friends, taken at a Cincinati McDonald's

Drawing of Ronald with friends during happier times at a Cincinnati McD

Last week, Ronald McDonald, the very icon of happiness itself, was abducted by a Finnish group calling itself the Food Liberation Army.

Time to Look at McD Rebranding

During the Q3 2010 earnings call, McDonald's informed listeners they were substantially behind targets in their plan to rebrand restaurants.

Mom Says Happy Meals Too Tempting

Chan Lowe

Monet Parhem has had enough with the influence that she says McDonald’s Happy Meal has over her daughter Maya.

McDonald's Piping Hot over Corpse Ad

Physicians advocacy group showing corpse clutching a Big Mac
Ad shows corpse clutching a Big Mac, photo/BMM edit of YouTube video

Supplies Thin, McD Cancels Free Smoothies

CHICAGO —McDonald’s smoothie roll-out has been so successful that the firm announced it is canceling a promotional giveaway of the new fruit drink this week,

McDonald's France Airs Gay-Friendly Ad

McDonald’s France has released a television commercial that welcomes gay youth to their restaurants.