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Yum Brands Paid No State Taxes Despite $1B in Profits

An advocacy group has now released results of its comprehensive tax study and one finding is of particular interest to the franchise community.

When KFC Serves Congee, Is It KFC?

Century egg and pork congee by avlxyz on FlickrChina is changing the way business operates, including franchise menus.

Australian KFC/Sizzler Franchisee IPO first day price falls 8%

Australian Franchisee Collins Foods (119 KFC, 26 Sizzlers) IPO prices at low end of its range and falls 8%, to A$2.30.

KFC Christmas in Japan

ABC News reports that Japanese think KFC when it comes to Christmas.

Brands that Crank Out Rich Franchisees, 2010

CHICAGO — A 2010 survey shows that Yum Brands (NYSE:YUM) and McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) have the lion's share of the richest franchisees. Both brands have the most large, multi-unit franchise owners who are listed among restaurant franchisees with the highest systemwide sales in the United States.