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California Rules Forum Selection Clause in Limited License Agreement Enforceable


LOS ANGELES - Last October, a district court in the Central District of California ruled that a forum selection clause in a limited license agreement between Burger King Corporation and a franchise in California is enforceable, despite the prohibition on out-of-state forum selection clauses under the California Franchise Relations Act (CFRA).

Burger King Takes Heat for Now Hiring Only Mexicans Sign

Burger King and one of its franchise owners in the small town of Ephrata, Washington is taking heat for an outside sign recruiting workers.

Burger King Q3 Same-Store Sales Slump

Burger King "Closed for Remodeling" sign

MIAMI—Burger King Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE:BKW) reported on Monday that same-store sales for the United States and Canada in the third quarter of 2013 dropped by 0.3 percent. Almost all of the Canadian and U.S. stores are franchised.

North America Chairman Wilborg to Leave Burger King Worldwide

MIAMI— Steven M. Wiborg, Burger King's chairman of North America Operations, is leaving.

Quick Service Restaurants Face Food Fight

Only Wall Street financial analysts could spin a prolonged daunting food sales market share fight as good news.

Irish Burger King Dumps Beef Supplier Linked to Horse Meat

A photo at night of a startled horse in an equine show
A horse at a night equine show is startled by the photographer. Photo/bmm

Burger King in Britain and Ireland have cut a beef supplier because its meat was found laced with horse meat DNA.

McDonald’s USA Changes President

U.S. Flag and McDonald's Golden Arches
McDonald's U.S. hits headwinds. Photo, Keoni Cabral

OAK BROOK, IL — McDonald's Corporation (NYSE: MCD) this morning announced that after 35 years with the company, McDonald's U.S.A. president Jan Fields will be replaced by global chief restaurant officer Jeff Stratton.

Wendy’s Has Fastest Drive-Thrus, Chick-fil-A the Friendliest

Wendy's Drive-thru time is #1 fastest
Photo: Blue MauMau

DUBLIN, Ohio — An annual national survey of drive-thru performance finds that Wendy's continues to have the fastest drive-thru performance in 2012.