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When Is It Time to Find a New Arbitrator for Your Franchise Dispute?

Courts will remove an arbitrator in an arbitration where there is a reasonable apprehension of bias on the arbitrator’s part, including when the arbitrator has recently retained the same expert put forward by one of the parties to the arbitration.

Are Franchisors Liable for Franchisees' Wrongs?

Often, the public does not distinguish between franchisor and franchisee when something goes wrong at a franchise. And that could leave franchisors facing a lawsuit for alleged wrongful acts by a franchisee or employee of a franchisee, including negligence, discrimination or assault.

A Lesson in Every Franchise Rescission Case

Rescission damages can be significant, particularly when the franchisee involved incurred losses in acquiring, setting up and operating the franchise.

To What Extent Can Franchisees Associate?

In previous posts I have mentioned that Ontario’s Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000 (the “Act”), is mostly about the disclosure a franchisor must make to a prospective franchisee before any franchise agreement is entered into or money paid.

Why Signatures Matter in Disclosure Documents

 When delivering a disclosure document in Ontario, a franchisor must include a certificate certifying it contains no false information, representations or statements, and includes every material fact, financial statement and other information required by the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000 (the “Certificate”).