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$750M Buyback Boosts Panera Bread’s Stock, Not Growth

Panera Bread

ST. LOUIS - Stock analysts are watching Panera Bread (NASDAQ: PNRA) to see if the fast-casual franchise company will be able to catch up with its counterparts Chipotle Mexican Grill, Shake Shack and others.

Panera Bread Joins Growing List of Companies Abandoning Artificial Additives

Following on the heels of Chipotle's announcement that it stopped serving GMO food last week, Panera Bread released a long list of artificial additives that it is working to eliminate from its food,

Franchises Ready to Accept Apple Pay at Today's Launch

McDonald's, Panera Bread, RadioShack and Subway will be among the well-known brands accepting Apple Pay at today's launch nationwide.

Panera Says All Franchisees Have Committed to Panera 2.0

A colorful Panera Bread in Kentucky
A colorful bakery-cafe under the original Panera 1.0. photo/bmm

ST. LOUIS, MO – With an even better margin of support than Egypt's most recent 96.1 percent election win of its general, Panera Bread announced last Thursday that a hundred percent of the brand's franchise owners have committed to use Panera's new e-commerce platform.

Fast-Casual Continues to Outpace Other Restaurants

Panera Bread drive-thru
A Panera Bread drive-thru. Photo by Blue MauMau

CHICAGO –A food researcher says that the fast-casual segment continues to steal share from full-service chains and drive limited-service growth, making up 15 percent of the $231 billion limited-service restaurant segment.

Taco Bell Testing Fast Casual Brand to Take on Chipotle

Taco Bell has kept secret its testing of a new fast casual restaurant concept, one that it hopes will be able to compete with popular brands like Chipotle and Panera Bread.

NRA American Dream Award Winners

Bahjat Shariff, Leah Chase and Jorge Levy were presented with the 2012 Faces of Diversity American Dream awards by the National Restaurant Association during a celebratory dinner in Washington, D.C. last week. 

Top 4 Healthiest Fast Food Chains

Au Bon Pain sandwich
Sandwich at Au Bon Pain, photo/Robert S Donovan lists the ten fast food chains that offer the healthiest menu choices.

3 Top Franchises Pleasing Customers

Ace Hardware store in Ohio, photo courtesy of Wikipedia

BusinessWeek’s fourth annual customer service awards is handed out not to companies like American Express but also to franchise brands. Out of 25 customer service champions, here are three franchisors from this year’s list of winners.

Panera Bread Defies Recession

Sales in Panera Bread company-owned stores rose almost 7 percent during the first 27 days of the third quarter while sales in franchise stores rose 6.3 percent.