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Free Speech Wins! Butterfly Fitness Ex-CEO Mark Golob, Lawyer Nikolaus Reed Lose Defamation Suit against Unhappy Franchisee

Judge cites the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in judgment. photo/bmm

UKIAH, Calif. – A writer and Web publisher of news that concerns franchise investors and owners has scored a substantial win for bloggers' rights of free speech and a free press.

McDonald's Loses to Franchisees on Appeal

U.S. Flag & McD Flag

SAN FRANCISCO – An appeals court has affirmed a lower court decision that two 30-year multi-unit franchisee veterans may continue operating their three McDonald’s restaurants, pending completion of their trial. The jury trial will begin on May 29, challenging McDonald’s on its decision not to grant 20-year “rewrites” of their existing franchise terms, after promising to do so.

Arguments For and Against California's Franchising Abuse Reform Bill

California franchisee attorney Peter Lagarias testifies of the need for AB 2305 to curb franchising abuse
Attorney Lagarias testifies on the need to curb California franchising abuse

SACRAMENTO — Below is an audio recording that Blue MauMau made of the arguments made on April 24 in front of California's Business, Professions and Consumer Protections Committee to ask lawmakers to vote for bill 2305.

5:12 minutes (2.38 MB)

Experts Tell Lawmakers to Empower Franchised Small Business Owners

Franchisee Keith Miller, chair of the Coalition of Franchisee Associations
Franchisee Miller urges lawmakers to pass fair franchising bill. (photo:Raja)

SACRAMENTO — Three witnesses gave testimony Tuesday to California's Judiciary Committee on behalf of franchisees. Assemblyman Huffman, attorney Peter Lagarias and franchisee Keith Miller each urged representatives to pass Assembly Bill 2305, the Level Playing Field for Small Businessess Act.

12:19 minutes (4.94 MB)

Court Says Cartridge Franchise Nothing of Value

Attractive store hours of a Caboodle Cartridge franchise
Attractive store hours: doors of a Caboodle Cartridge franchise. photo/bmm

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The California Court of Appeals upheld the trial court decision that Daniel Wencel, founder and president of Caboodle Cartridge, is liable for $90,000 for making false statements that allured franchisees into a valueless area directorship.