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Gas Station Franchisees Face Stormy Weather

A pedestrian walks by a closed-down Sunoco service station

A pedestrian walks past a shuttered Sunoco service station, photo/bmm

WASHINGTON — A shift in franchisor strategy coupled with margin pressure has led to difficult times for gas station franchisees.

ExxonMobil Zee Promised $$ For Silence

"No honor among thieves" might be the best analogy.

U.S. Supreme Court Listens to Gas Station Franchisees

On January 19, franchisees had a rare opportunity to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Dept of Transportation v. Pritpal Singh

A lost leasehold is not the same as a lost business, and the distinction can be crucial under the PMPA.

Bellfort v Petrotex Fuels

Can a franchisee avoid the PMPA and sue his franchisor in state court? Yes, says the 5th Circuit in reversing the Southern District of Texas.