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Pure Barre Pre-Investment Franchise Due Diligence Report Now Available through Releases Due Diligence Report for Pure Barre Franchises

The Moron's View of Franchise Investment Risk, Fleecing the Sheep

Year in and year out, people who understand almost nothing about small business investment risk and how to identify and assess it sign long term draconian franchise agreements, putting everythin

Power of a United Phalanx

I have come to the conclusion that most people who become the victims of franchise scams or of franchise relationship abuse arrive at that status because they are incapable of analytical thought. Their heads are full of mush.

So You Want To Be A Franchisee

So you’ve decided to embark on a new career as franchise owner?

Free Franchise! The Gift That Just Keeps Taking

Free Franchise
Australia's Jumping J-Jays gives away franchises

Functional Dissolution of Franchise Systems

The circumstances of franchise system management 35 years ago were such that, if a franchisor engaged in abusive tactics toward its franchisees that had the potential to destroy their profitability

The Coming Franchise Investment Bloodbath

Tens of thousands are exiting companies due to tough economic conditions. They have poor job prospects. They have access to half a million dollars and more in liquidity.