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Franchisors Buy over Half of Super Bowl Ads

McDonald's Pay with Lovin' Ad

McDonald's "Pay with Lovin'" Super Bowl commercial. YouTube

GLENDALE, Ariz.—Super Bowl XLIX may have been a game for the ages, but the 2015 Advertising Super Bowl was a ho-hum affair. Companies engaged in franchising continued to dominate the advertising buys for the most viewed television program of the year, purchasing 54.2% of paid spots, as compared to 45.8% of paid ads by all non-franchisor advertisers combined.

Roots of Franchising Shaped from a Hair Salon Chain

Gary Robins, who owns 41 Supercuts salons through Philadelphia and Delaware, speaks to National Public Radio about owning franchises and why he thought owning haircut shops made sense.

US Volvo Dealers Hopeful of Interim CEO, Ford Contemplates Losing Their CEO

Last week Volvo chose the head of its finance arm, Toni Nicolosi, to be its interim CEO. Franchisees are already saying that he will listen to dealers.

Coke To Buy Largest Bottler

Coke's Vitaminwater series, photo/Coca-cola