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Looking for Franchise Heaven in Paradise

IHOP at Windward Mall, Kaneohe, Hawaii
IHOP at Windward Mall, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Franchises in Hawaii, as elsewhere, are ubiquitous. Outlets such as McDonald's, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Denny's are popular in Waikiki with the tourists, who quickly get tired of the expensive, albeit, delicious, meals with huge servings at hotels.

Surprising Results For Franchisee Success

The largest survey of Australian franchisees ever undertaken reportedly reveals which franchisees have a higher probability of being financially successful.

DIY Apps Boon to Small Businesses

Do-It-Yourself apps are booming. Business owners are using them to generate more profit and to cut man hours.

De-Humanizing Customers

Have you ever heard of people feeling they were treated differently as customers because they were elderly, female, Australian or whatever?  In reality it isn’t so often that they are treated differently as much as it is that they were treated indifferently. They were simply just not a good fit for the operator’s preferences in customers.

Autocratic Totalitarianism or Team Building

Here are several aspects of two opposites in management styles that do not just apply in Australia. There are a number of other styles and those too are well worth understanding but for this exercise consider the autocratic totalitarian [AT] and the team builder [TB].

Morphing from Good to Elite Franchise Brand

There are many potentially good franchise models in the market that require basic fine tuning to reach their optimum performance. 

Complaints That Produce Profit

In a recent study of customer complaints undertaken by one large franchise network it was found that of the customer complaints received over a 3 year period 92.7% were based in poor communication, including negative body language, that had directly caused complaints and antagonized customers. 

Human Element Hits Bottom Line

"Our reliance on technology has the potential to destroy businesses if it isn't held in check." -  San Francisco State University psychology professor David Matsumoto speaking in Australia.