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Non-Disparagement Still Issue For Franchises

Legislative and judicial opposition to non-disparagement clauses is growing, but franchise owners should not jump for joy.

Injunction against Facebook Poster for Criticizing McDonald's Non-Halal Meat Settlement

Our experience at Public Citizen has been that objectors to proposed class action settlements can often expect a hostile reception. Both named plaintiffs and defendants – and their lawyers — generally have a common stake in getting the settlement approved, and they have developed a relationship with the judge already.

Obama Signs Act Protecting American Bloggers

WASHINGTON — On August 10 President Barack Obama signed the Speech Act, which shields American journalists, publishers (both print and online) and bloggers from “libel tourism,&rdquo

NY Times Editorial on Forced Arbitration and the Supreme Court

Today's New York Times contains this terrific editorial, linking to Public Citizen's research on mandatory arbitration outcomes, criticizing the Supreme Court's recent decision in Rent-a-Center v. Jackson, and endorsing intervention by Congress.

BP Gas Station Boycotts Spreading

Boycotts of BP's gas stations and convenience stores are spreading quickly, fueled by the environmental disaster caused by BP's runaway oil gusher off Louisiana's shores.

AAA Joins NAF, Quits Arbitrating Consumer Debt Disputes

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the American Arbitration Association "will stop participating in consumer-debt-collection disputes," at least--according to an unnamed AAA official quoted in the story--"until some standards or safeguards are established."