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Former Quiznos Investors Continue Battle against Schaden Group

DENVER – After a Colorado federal judge threw out a lawsuit against the former owner and executives of the now-bankrupt Quiznos sandwich chain, the private equity investors are challenging the decision in the Tenth Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals.

Ex-Quiznos Owner Schaden Denied Discovery in Avenue Capital Lawsuit

Quiznos SubDENVER – A Colorado district court has denied the request of Quiznos' former owner Rick Schaden and his former executive team to obtain crucial documents from the private equity firms that sued them last year.

Quiznos Franchisee Group Expresses Optimism after Bankruptcy

DENVER – The Quiznos Franchisee Association (QZFA), which commenced as a result of the 2010 settlement of four franchisee class action lawsuits, are today expressing their optimism on how the franchisor is moving forward after Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Quiznos CEO Stuart Mathis Out, Pendergast In, Major Layoffs

DENVER - Troubled Quiznos sandwich chain has announced that CEO/president Stuart Mathis has resigned and Doug Pendergast, former CEO of the Atlanta-based Krystal burger chain, will take over his position. The company is scheduled to shortly announce other major layoffs at its corporate headquarters in Denver.

Quiznos Settles 8-Year Suit with Canadian Franchisees for $275K

A shuttered Quiznos in Montreal, Quebec
A shuttered Quiznos in Montreal, Quebec. photo/ps

ONTARIO, Canada – After eight years of litigation, Quiznos Canada Restaurant Corporation is settling its dispute with franchisees. The settlement amount is only C$275,000 for the 600 franchisee members.

Franchisee's Hopeless Cry from Quiznos Bankruptcy Rubble

Homeless Franchisee
Blue MauMau rendition of franchisee ruined by franchisor bankruptcy

WILMINGTON, Delaware – As the Quiznos sandwich chain awaits a court order that will declare that it has emerged from bankruptcy reorganization, one franchisee’s desperate plea is now on court record, along with the 400-plus other Chapter 11 document filings.

Quiznos' Attorney Shows Lack of Transparency in Settlement

On the day Quiznos filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, outside counsel Fredric ‘Ric’ Cohen declared to a popular magazine for franchising readers, “Vindication. It’s vindication,” seeming to say that his client was exonerated in settling the last 13 franchisee lawsuits.

Quiznos Bankruptcy Could Have Roots in Franchisee's Suicide

Quiznos_PWS2906 After Quiznos filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 14, one publication questions if the company’s financial troubles are rooted in a franchisee’s devastating suicide in its community seven years ago.

Sbarro and Quiznos: What Happened?

The business press is still reporting on Sbarro's and Quiznos' Chapter-11 bankruptcy filings of two weeks ago. Both have been troubled firms for a long time.

Quiznos Goes Bankrupt: My Three Observations and One Possible Salvation

This is also posted at Maine Franchise Owners. Quiznos filed for bankruptcy late last week. Interesting enough the Quiznos franchise chains troubles at a time when similar sandwich franchises like Subway and others seem to be thriving.