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Quiznos Franchisee Group Expresses Optimism after Bankruptcy

DENVER – The Quiznos Franchisee Association (QZFA), which commenced as a result of the 2010 settlement of four franchisee class action lawsuits, are today expressing their optimism on how the franchisor is moving forward after Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Quiznos Teleconference Brings More Disappointment to Franchisees


DENVER - Quiznos’ system-wide teleconference call Thursday gave little encouragement to struggling franchisees at a time it was needed most.

Quiznos Flaunts New Management, but Store Owners Fight to Survive

Quiznos flagship store in downtown Denver; photo/js

DENVER – While Quiznos relishes its newly appointed management team, franchisees question if owner Avenue Capital Group really understands what direction their hedge fund is headed. Store closures are continuing at an alarming raate, and executive decisions so far have failed to stop the financial bleeding of store owners.

Quiznos Franchisees Show CEO the Boot

Franchisees show Quiznos CEO the boot
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Quiznos Introduces New Menu, Marketing

Crowded new menu board for Quiznos
Basil chicken flatbread is on the new BTE menu; photo/Quiznos

DENVER — Quiznos announced last week another new branding and menu initiative for the franchised shops that bear the Quiznos name. It's called "Better than Ever."

Quiznos Franchisee Ass’n Speaks about New Brand Initiatives

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Keith Rentschler, president of the independent Quiznos Franchisee Association speaks with Blue MauMau on how franchisees feel about the new initiatives of a brand trying to remake itself.

Growing an Independent Franchisee Association

A new independent franchisee federation gathers for their first meeting in 2008
A new independent franchisee federation gathers in Indianapolis, 2010

ITHACA, N.Y. – Cornell University's assistant professor of food and beverage management Benjamin Lawrence says from what he has seen, franchising myths have not yet given way to the day-to-day realities of franchise operations. In particular, independent franchisee associations are an important and contributing part of franchise networks.