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McDonald’s Stock Buyback Plan Aids Officers, Not Franchisees

Wall Street's BullOAK BROOKS, Ill.—With slumping sales and negative press, McDonald's announced a new "turnaround plan" last month to restore growth and excitement to its brand and to unlock financial value. There is another part to its aggressive agenda.

Franchisee NPC Buys Wendy’s Salt Lake City Restaurants

A Wendy's sign in Salt Lake Valley, Utah
Wendy's sign in Salt Lake City. photo by Edgar Zuniga Jr.

DUBLIN, Ohio— Pizza Hut's largest franchise owner NPC International, Inc. has agreed to buy 54 of Wendy's company-owned restaurants around Salt Lake City, Utah.

Arby’s Likely to Sell 1,000* Company Restaurants

This auditory gifted bird is hearing strong rumors from a reliable source that Arby's is looking to sell as many as a thousand* of its company-owned restaurants to large multiunit franchise owners who are in the restaurant business.

Why are the Large Fast Food Franchisors Refranchising?

An article in the Wall Street Journal reports on a refranchising

Private Equity and Dunkin' Donuts Pending IPO

Wall Street equity strategist, Chuck Neul, recently blogged his opinion on the pending IPO of Dunkin' Donuts [DNKN] and the involvement of private equity firms taking Dunkin' Donuts public. In Mr. Neul’s opinion, private equity firms, such as, Bain Capital Partners, destroy the long term viability of their acquisitions by siphoning cash prior to taking their portfolio companies public.

7-Eleven Selling Off Corporate Stores

7-Eleven corporate store in Utah
Corporate store in Utah. photo/bmm 2006

A couple from South Daytona Beach say there is a lot more to buying and operating a 7-Eleven convenience store than they first thought.

Time to Look at McD Rebranding

During the Q3 2010 earnings call, McDonald's informed listeners they were substantially behind targets in their plan to rebrand restaurants.

Sonic Says It Can Service Debt

NEW YORK, NY - Sonic Drive-In (NASDAQ: SONC) sought to reassure investors today as it presented results for the past year, a period which posed challenges for the company. The stock, which had tumbled in 2008 and drifted lower thru 2009, fell again on higher-than-average volume last week.

Texas Roadhouse & Popeye's: Different Growth Strategies

NEW YORK, NY - Texas Roadhouse (NASDAQ: TXRH) projected a strategy of organic growth. Currently the company has 330 outlets in 46 states, and projects opening 15 new units in 2010.