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Regulating Small Business Credit

The Australian government via Bill Shorten are slipping through a surprise Bill while Australians are wound up in the Christmas hustle. Bill Shorten wants to regulate small business access to credit and it appears very likely it will to hurt small business already struggling with tight lending restrictions from banks in the post GFC aftermath.

Meet the New Aussie Watchdog

Little FolksThe new chief of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims, has some observers suggesting his background may not be suitable to the role. Franchising will be hoping for a change in ACCC direction.

Who to Blame for the Financial Crisis?

When the Global Financial Crisis hit those in small business, actually every business, the biggest insult came when banks reacted to their alleged criminal and clearly pathetic practices on the back of almost no risk management. 

New Zealand Franchising Confidence?

How strange that from New Zealand we find reports of confident franchisors and not so confident franchisees.  It’s almost refreshing to read of a report that outlines a full range of franchising sentiment.

The Unspoken Question

Our notorious Franchise Council of Australia has basically been arguing that legislators should not put in place regulatory mechanisms and better law that would allow for penalties and the highl

Election Heats Up For Small Business

As Australia’s election looms the Federal Opposition leader has promised small business changes denied by the Rudd/Gillard government.

Tombstone Legislation

The term ‘Tombstone Technology’ came about following a catastrophe that took only minutes and claimed a record 349 innocent lives.  Families were left shattered and others were embarrassed.

Skewing Balanced Considerations in Franchising

I think I can see the beginning of a trend in franchise law for the purpose of enabling courts to deal with the worst influences in the industry. Unfortunately, if the trend continues, the way in which the law will change will adversely affect ethical franchisors that don’t deserve this.

Franchising for Kids

'Entrepreneurs of the future' are here today with Franchild apparently.  Just because your first born is healthy and performing doesn't mean you can rest on your laurels.