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Famous Dave’s Replaces CEO Gilbert with Ed Rensi

Famous Dave's of America has replaced its CEO John Gilbert III with a new chief executive Ed Rensi, who joined the company's board of directors last month. The company says that Gilbert has resigned.

Twin Peaks Restaurant Debuts Scenic Views in Metairie

 Ultimate man-cave opens third Louisiana restaurant at 4436 Ve

As I Was Saying

Several months ago I cited in one of my blog posts NPD's Food Safety Monitor, which continually tracks consumer awareness and concern about food safety issues and future eating intentions, and the number of people who said that they were going to eat out less or more in the near future.

Social Media Exposes Dirty Golden Corral Franchise

A Golden Corral franchise in Port Orange is being investigated by the authorities after a video taken and uploaded online by employee Brandon Huber showed fly-ridden ribs and hamburger patties being kept at a dumpster to avoid inspection. It went viral.

Former McDonald's CEO on Edward Snowden

Former McDonald's USA CEO Edward Rensi speaks with Fox Business Network's Neil Cavuto on the potential risks to private information that big business and the government collects.

Do Overlook the Obvious

I was kind of stunned by the amount of media attention given to a recent survey that addressed, among other things, ethnic preferences for fast food brands.  It “revealed” that Hispanics had high preference indices for In-N-Out Burger and Asians for Jamba Juice.

MARKETING: Wal-Mart to Retail Fatburger

West Coast fast-food franchisor Fatburger announced that 3,100 Wal-Mart stores will be selling its fatty patties, which will be fattier than even those sold in its 150 franchises. 

Charles Morrison Appointed Wingstop CEO

Charles Morrison
Charles Morrison, photo/Wingstop

DALLAS – The Wingstop board of directors announced today that Charles Morrison has been named president and chief executive officer of the firm. Morrison replaces James Flynn, who becomes executive chairman of the board.

The Big Fast-Casual Chains Get Bigger

Five Guys Burgers and Fries leads sees the fastest growth in the burger category
Worker makes a Five Guys burger

CHICAGO — The big are getting bigger when it comes to fast-casual restaurants.

Top-Ranking Chains by Millennial Consumers

A young man looks like he is in love with Jimmy John's subs
A young man seems to like his Jimmy John's sub, photo/mattfred

CHICAGO — A Chicago foodservice researcher lists certain restaurants that hit home with "Millennials," based on a recent study it conducted.