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Chinese Like Chinese Food, Surprise!

Americans are so, ‘How do you say?’ “American.”

We can’t imagine that any one from any other country wouldn’t skip and whistle their way to adopting all the great things about American society and almost certainly convenient modern things like US fast food.

Quiznos New Strategy: Higher Prices


Quiznos chief executive Greg McDonald has come up with a new marketing maneuver to beat competitors. Get rid of the $3 Sammies and the $4 Torpedoes and replace them with upscale items for $7 or $8.

Franchisees Buy A&W, Long John Brands from Yum

Sign outside of Yum Brand's head office in Louisville, Kentucky
Sign outside of Yum Brands headquarters, Louisville, Kentucky

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — In an unusual move, an independent franchisee association and franchisees will buy out their franchisors, hamburger brand A&W Restaurants Inc and fish chain Long John Silver's Inc. 

Franchisees Eye Food Trucks

Restaurant chains are rolling out more food trucks, and many franchisees like what they see.

Words of Wisdom from Multiunit Owners

Large multiunit franchise owners weigh in on the ways their businesses have coped with soft revenues and a lack of loans during a tough economy.

Three Restaurants Named as Tempting Buyout Targets

Franchise brands Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. and Ruby Tuesday Inc., along with non-franchisor Bob Evans Restaurants Inc., could soon be targets of private-equity firms, says Brad Ludington, Keybanc Capital Markets analyst.