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McDonalds Worker Paid with High-Fee Payroll Card Sues Franchisee

McDonald's is hiring

An employee at a local McDonald’s restaurant in Pennsylvania quit her job and got an attorney after receiving a payroll card in lieu of a paper paycheck from the franchisee owner. Her beef?

Restrictive Financing May Cause Franchisors To Change For The Better

Due to tighter lending standards franchisors have taken to helping  finance new franchisees having difficulty raising capital through traditional lending sources. Marco's Pizza, Quiznos and other franchisors are creating financing arms when banks decline to work with "franchisees who are unable or unwilling to make a large equity investment in their business."

Former Finance Professionals Invest in Little Caesars Pizza

Entrepreneurial Ambitions Lead to Second Career

Restaurants, Franchising and Discounting

In a June 23 New York Times Business article, Discounts Have Restaurants Eating Own Lunch, the woes of chain restaurants offering discounts—and the possible long term effect of doing so, was well outlined. The following passage caught my eye:

Financial Crisis Severely Affecting Small Business Financing

CHICAGO (Blue MauMau) - The financial sector's meltdown, with its attendant current insolvency of major American banks and financing institutes, will have a profound impact on small business, according to an analyst and consulting firm for the restaurant industry.