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Just One of Australian Franchising's Dirty Little Secrets

Not many Australians have heard of Retail Food Group, however, in the world of Australian franchising it has a huge reputation as a leading scavenger of small to medium brands, mostly struggling, and today having twelve brands under its umbrella with aspirations to go global.

Crazy Franchisor Pays An Extra $17M

Earlier this year I had concluded that the management at RFG were smarter than most after announcing it would move away from ever increasing abusive rents in shopping malls. Now I have 41 million reasons to conclude otherwise.

Brumby’s Boss Resigns Over Carbon Tax Gaffe

While all Australians are now being ripped off by the introduction of a ‘carbon tax’, business has been warned not to use the tax as an excuse to hike up prices unless they can back it up and definitely do not blame the federal government for price hikes.

RFG Acquires Big Dad’s

Australian franchise, Big Dad’s Pies has its future on the line following the announcement of its acquisition by Retail Food Group Limited. 

Retail Food Group Impressive Shakeup

The Australian franchisor behind the Donut King, Brumby's Bakeries and bb's café brands, Retail Food Group has posted some very impressive 2008-9 growth figures while integrating and remodeling the newly acquired Michel’s Patisserie, according to SmartCompany.