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Retailers Send Mixed Signals to Customers on Mobile Payment

Tim Cook announced Apple Pay on September 9 as part of the introduction to the iPhone 6. Available only on the new hardware, it went live on October 20. By most accounts, it works well for those who use it. I’ve been unable to come up with any kind of transaction volumes, but with a total of only ten million iPhone 6’s in circulation, I suspect volumes are quite low.

Addicted to Promotions

Last week I gave a webinar to a group of financial advisors and investor types on the transition to digital coupons, and I also spent a few minutes on the phone with a grad student in London who was exploring her options for a research project on customer loyalty. You wouldn't think that these two activities had much in common, but actually, they both had one single theme: promotion addiction.

Can Every Brand Tell a Story?

Two weeks ago I wrote about brand storytelling and started to break down what that really means.

My Evolving Mindset on the CEO as Rock Star

When politicians say their opinion on a particular subject has “evolved” you know you’re about to hear a complete flip-flop. I suppose it’s easier than saying “I was wrong.”

Is Conscious Capitalism Good Business?

Every MBA student from time immemorial has been asked to memorize the following as soon as he starts school: “The purpose of a corporation is to maximize shareholder wealth.” On some levels it seems to be an indisputable axiom.