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Moment Has Arrived for SAS

Last week I attended the SAS Analyst event, one they hold every year in Steamboat Springs, CO. Among the four analysts at RSR, I’m pretty much a shoe-in for this event, given where I’m based.

Subway Rolls Out Digital Signs Big Time

Real Digital Signage
Subway digital casting system. Photo c/o Real Digital Signage

Quick service restaurants McDonald's, Tim Hortons and Subway are rolling out digital signage. But in places where franchisees control national marketing and purchasing, the way they roll it out and think about it are different.

Is Conscious Capitalism Good Business?

Every MBA student from time immemorial has been asked to memorize the following as soon as he starts school: “The purpose of a corporation is to maximize shareholder wealth.” On some levels it seems to be an indisputable axiom.

When Is Mobile Not So Mobile?

Tablet devices are such hybrids that it’s hard for me to call them “Mobile devices.” I mean, it’s obvious that you can move around with them…people take them every

Workforce Management Reboots Clienteling

When one software company buys another, it is very rare to find a combination that doesn't result in some overlap or some pieces that come with the deal that just don't fit right into the vision of the combined footprint.

Retail Adventures in Social Networking

Social Networking builds brands. Whether or not a company experiences direct and measurable ROI from this brand-building exercise is still under debate, but last week I observed old and new ways retailers are building and re-building their brands.

Social Media for Retailers: Playing Right in the Virtual Village

Everyone’s talking about Social Media these days. Obviously, we can’t ignore communities of a half-billion people or more that talk to each other, share recipes, product successes, failures, and preferences.

Digital Signage Has Gotten Smarter

Last week I attended the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas. In some ways, attending this show is very wearying. I feel like a lot of the things being said are the same things that were being said in 2005… and 2007… and would’ve been said in 2009 if everyone wasn’t busy hiding under their desks during the Great Recession.

Google Announces Mobile Wallet Phone

Nexus S
Google phone revealed at Web 2.0 Summit 2010, photo via YouTube

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt announced that the next incarnation of smart phones will be launched in the next few weeks.

Cross-Channel to Impact Stores

I attended the RIS News Cross-Channel Executive Summit last week, and I have crossed a milestone.