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Brand Integrity: The Watch-Phrase For 2015

Just before holiday break, an article in Smartbrief caught my eye. In Smartbrief’s version of the title, it was called “Integrity is Less Expensive Than the Alternative”.

Black Friday is a Season to Itself for Retailers But It Already Started November 1

Super-charged by increased mobile outreach, intensified consumer planning, and raised numbers of retailer mobile apps, traditional retailers will be going to work earlier and working harder to engage consumers this season. That is if they want their share of the projected individual $855 in holiday spend, which is about 4% higher than last year.

7-Eleven COO over Franchisee Relations Leaves amid Turmoil

2013-11-03 16.30.41

DALLAS - With little fanfare, 7-Eleven CEO Joe DePinto issued an internal memo this week announcing that Darren Rebelez, executive vice president and COO was leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

Sympathy for the Discount Devil

We hear the same thing over and over in our surveys: retailers’ business strategies are confounded by consumers’ continued price sensitivity. As much as retailers profess that they would love to ditch a constant downward spiral of promotions and deals in favor of more rational prices and competition based on products, quality, and service, they continue to rely heavily on said promotions in an apparently bottomless race to the bottom.

Who Owns the Customer Experience in Retail?

I had the opportunity to present to a technology company’s advisory board, a table full of eight or nine different retailers, representing the full breadth of retail verticals and sizes. I ran through the current state of omni-channel, expecting to breeze through the first few and delve deeper into topics like the future of the store. That was not to be.

Frigid Temperatures Send Weekly Sales Sliding

Chicago's Lake Street the first week of January 2014
Chicago on January 2nd, 2014. Photo by Gregory Wass

NEW YORK – Frigid temperatures sent weekly sales sliding last week. 

Holidays Look Good, Merchants Ready for Shopping

A Gymboree franchised store
photo by bmm

NEW YORK – Consumers took advantage of Veteran's Day sales and gave retailers their second consecutive week of positive sales results.

Merchandising's Magic Bullet Syndrome

We’ve just recently released our annual Merchandising benchmark report, and with it, we’re starting to see a more focused picture of today’s merchant.

The Protagonist in Brand Storytelling and Retail

I’ve been working to crack the code on fiction writing for several years now, mostly as a hobby just because I don’t have more time than that.

Employees Who Care

RSR has long sung the virtues of an empowered, knowledgeable workforce. It’s time to also sing the virtues of employees who care enough to do the right thing in a timely way.