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Popeyes Gets N California and Minnesota Markets Due to Unreliability of KFC Corp

KFC logo taken by BMM
photo of KFC sign by BMM

KFC tried to rid itself of a 28-unit California and Minnesota franchise. Now it has its wish but not the way it wants.

KFC Sizzles in Developing World, Fizzles in Rich

Yum Brands headquarters in Louisville
Sunset last weekend at Yum Brands' world headquarters in Louisville, Ky.

CEO of Yum Brands David Novak is watching his home turf wither away while robustly exploiting the restaurant brands' advantages abroad.

KFCs Secret Ingredient? Its Franchisees

The secret of KFC's success is not the secret herbs and spices that cover its chicken, although those are lip-smacking good. It's not the size of the chain, although it is huge.

KFC Franchisees Win Flap over Ad Control!

Thinking of KFC while playing with an iPhone app: fried, not grilled. photo/InCase

LOUISVILLE, KY – A Delaware court has ruled in favor of franchisees and their advertising cooperative against KFC Corporation.

Franchisee Survey Released to Chagrin of KFC

Association of Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchisee survey
83% of KFC franchisees say marketing efforts not growing sales

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Association of KFC Franchisees (AKFCF) released the results of a systemwide survey showing franchisees are not happy with the direction of the brand.

Franchisees Sue KFC to Retain U.S. Marketing Control

A Kentucky Grilled Chicken poster outside a central Kentucky KFC
KFC franchise prominently displays a grilled chicken poster. photo/bmm

WILMINGTON, Delaware – The KFC National Council and Advertising Cooperative, Inc. (NCAC) filed a lawsuit last week against the world’s most popular fried chicken chain after KFC's corporate office made a number of marketing blunders in promoting a new product, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, without authorization.