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Bakers Delight Misappropriation and Hacking Allegations

Bakers Delight Australia franchisees are more than a little disgruntled following the release of an internally leaked Australian marketing fund statement.

From The Book Of Bakers Delight; Longevity

This is not just a warning for Australian franchise investors. If you are ready to invest in a franchise brand you should consider what stage of franchise network growth your 'brand of choice' has achieved and what that might mean to any suggested financial success you have been promised.

Baker’s Delight Targets 100 Gen Y

DBChristmas in Australia is a hot time for giving so I’m going to give a little early cheer to Bakers Delight. Anyone in serious franchising could really appreciate a strategy to capture a new wave of Gen Y franchisees especially as the old franchisees cannot manage to find a way out.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman, the ACCC and Bakers Delight

In Australia the Commonwealth Ombudsman investigates complaints relating to alleged non-performance of government agencies.  In this instance the Ombudsman has received a complaint that the ACCC’s investigation into Bakers Delight [COBS in North America] was ‘flawed and lacked procedural fairness’.

Aussie Cold Rock Franchise Sold

Victorian franchisor, The Franchised Food Company, purchased the 87-strong Cold Rock chain of ice-cream outlets.

Australian Franshisor Advocate Resigns

Australian Retailers Association has lost the genius who denied on Sydney radio that franchise ‘churning’ existed a week before the head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Graeme Samuel, finally came out of his closet and admitted it did exist.

Shakeout Looming Down Under?

An Australian business publication says a shakeout may be looming in the AU$ 61B franchise industry. Some on BMM argue that it is already occurring, and at least one Aussie agrees.