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"I Did Not See That Coming," Be Nimble

On February 27, I had the opportunity to participate in an internet radio show on Voice America with two other strong and successful women, Vicki Cantrell, SVP, Communities and Executive Directo

Food Culture: Price Still Doesn't Trump Assortment

NRF’s Big Show is not the only conference that falls in January. And so less than a week after my time in New York City, I found myself winging off to Phoenix Arizona for FMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference.

Being Context-Aware Is New Bar for Customer Service

I have to start this article with a couple of caveats. I’m about to share with you a customer service fail that happened to me in the week following the NRF Big Show.

Mobile Phones and Store Shelves

Next week I'm presenting at the Mobile Marketing and Commerce Forum (MMCF), put on by Internet Retailer, on the specific topic of how web-only retailers can use mobile to compete at store shelves. I put my finishing touches on the presentation yesterday, but I've had mixed feelings in developing the topic all along.

Here Come the Millennials

As a certified Baby Boomer, I’ve grown quite accustomed to being catered to by every possible marketer over the course of my life.