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Sbarro and Quiznos: What Happened?

The business press is still reporting on Sbarro's and Quiznos' Chapter-11 bankruptcy filings of two weeks ago. Both have been troubled firms for a long time.

Struggling Brands Include Sbarro, Quiznos, Radio Shack

Sbarro PWS4607 Seven brands that were once the “darlings of malls and shoppers” are now struggling financially and closing stores.

Restaurant Franchisees: Is Your Brand Looking More to Yesterday than Tomorrow?

Restaurant customer migration continues to eat away at top line growth and bottom line profits for chain restaurants. Since 2009 the economic turmoil, malaise, or quagmire has been to blame if one were to listen to earnings conference calls conducted by many major chains.

Sbarro Chapter 11 filing, more details

As no surprise, Sbarro, the mall and plaza centered pizza operator, filed Chapter 11 reorganization this morning. Sbarro operated 466 company units, and has 555 franchised units, 217 in the US and 338 international. This has been in the works for months.

Sbarro Filing Bankruptcy Any Day

The Deal column in the Wall Street Journal reported that Italian restaurant chain Sbarro could file bankruptcy within days.