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Fraudster Instant Tax Service Turns into Great Tax LLC

Instant Tax Service sign in an American Midwest city. Photo by Blue MauMau
Instant Tax Service sign. Photo by BMM

DAYTON, Ohio – A district judge ruled that the evidence of fraud and deception perpetrated by Instant Tax Services CEO Fesum Ogbazion was so overwhelming that he and his company were permanently barred from the tax-return preparation business. He said his order "is necessary to protect the public and the Treasury."

Jani-King Touts "Prominent" Status in IFA

One of the most controversial franchisors is touting its prominence within the industry trade association.

Franchising System Advantages

Pick your favourite from the list of ‘countless benefits to becoming a Franchisee’ and ‘advantages of Franchising over stand-alone forms of small business

SSP Estimates 18% Profit Growth in 2010 for Franchisor

SPOOFBERRA, Australia - Spore, Spawn & Pawn predicts Australian franchise system numbers will mostly hold in 2010 after sailing through the global financial crisis mostly intact while predicting franchisor revenue growth will grow by 9.13% affording the opportunity to grow profit by 18.11%. 

Due Diligence for Dummies

Is due diligence something difficult? Should it be done by someone else?

Consider the words of franchise attorney Rupert Barkoff in the New York Law Journal on Sep 24:

Franchisor Bankruptcy You Don’t Have To Have?

Bankruptcy is always a bad thing, right? Well that isn’t quite correct.  I am prompted by an article from CNNMoney considering some positive outcomes.  All bankruptcies create bad debts but are there operating environments where nudging a franchisor bankruptcy is reasonable?

Why Some Franchisors Fail

Here is a list of the reasons that franchisors fail. Some of the following ingredients for franchisor failure will seem to be duplications in some situations and not in others.

EzyDVD Goes into Receivership

EzyDVD ADELAIDE-based DVD retailer EzyDVD has been placed in receivership, throwing the company's future into question. Franchise owners are wondering what's next?

Madoff Made Off With My Money

Academics, intellectuals, and skeptics prefer to think of themselves as smarter than the likes of Bernard Madoff, who until recently was a highly respected hedge fund manager. Here is one professor's account.