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Internet Tax Passes U.S. Senate

The U.S. Senate passed the Internet Tax bill yesterday in a bipartisan vote of 69 to 27. It faces an uncertain future in the House. President Obama has said that he supports it.

Franchisees Run Better Chains

Keith Miller, Subway multiunit franchisee

SACRAMENTO — Franchisee Keith Miller argues that franchise chains can outperform the competition when they put owner-operators in charge of national functions like marketing and the supply chain.  Want proof? Then look no further than America’s largest franchise chain by number of stores – Subway.

9:55 minutes (4.54 MB)

Obama Agrees to Keep Tax Cuts for All

President Obama talks about cutting taxes
Obama supports tax cuts for all. Franchise associations applaud. photo/WH

Franchise Loans Down, But SBA Up

2010 will be remembered as a lending year that is lower than even 2009’s dismal lending.  The federal government is trying to make up for the credit crunch through SBA-backed loans.&n

Shane Pt 3: Common Mistakes by New Franchisors

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Professor Scott Shane finishes his three-part interview explaining the common mistakes of new franchisors, and how franchisors need to understand and manage built-in conflicts of the franchise model.

Shane Pt 2: Franchisors Need Mix of Company-Owned Stores

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Professor Scott Shane explains to franchisors and franchisees why businesses with highly skilled employees make poor franchises, and how franchisors without the right structure in their chains leave money on the table.

What Businesses Go Well with Franchising?

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Professor Scott Shane argues that franchisors often do not understand when to franchise or even what franchise structure best drives success. It's not just franchisors. Franchisees are typically unclear too, as they put hundreds of thousands or even millions into a franchise in the hopes that they and the chain will be successful.

Studies Show Registration Benefits Franchisors and Franchise Buyers

In a recent article about Australia's franchise law, the IFA wrote that they consider "mandatory registration to be archaic, costly and burdensome for both franchisors and government while providing no measurable public policy benefit to prospective franchisees."