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Franchising Myths

Owning or purchasing a franchise is a life-changing decision that has huge implications for an individual’s finances, career satisfaction and overall happiness. The promise of franchising is business ownership supported by a proven brand, an established market, beneficial operating system and increased buying and marketing power. In the current franchising marketplace, the promise is often not met by reality.

Franchise Re-Sales: a Key Consideration When Evaluating a Franchise

Individuals considering a franchise opportunity should include franchise resale performance as part of the due diligence process.  Having an exit strategy is a critical component of any new business start-up.

My Destination's utilisation of social media explained

Start-up businesses often struggle with the initial costs and financial requirements of establishing themselves successfully.

Exit Door Closed by a Rough Economy?

The recession has caused many small business owners to postpone the sale of their businesses. Buyers cannot get credit. Valuations are down.

Using Dubious Numbers to Get Job Seekers to Bite

An International Franchise Association franchise fact sheet from 1992 shows the incredible state of misinformation back before the Internet came of age. Here are some of the sales points from the flyer (pdf) that push bogus benefits of buying a franchise— any franchise— to outplaced corporate workers.