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Judge Rejecting Settlement with Drivers May Give Uber Upper Hand

SAN FRANCISCO – After a federal judge on Thursday rejected a proposed $100 million settlement of a class action lawsuit between Uber Technologies Inc. and 385,000 California and Massachusetts drivers to determine if drivers should be classified as employees instead of independent contractors, some are wondering if the ruling is a victory for Uber or drivers.

Deja Vu: Jani-King Workers Are Not Franchisees

Jani-King janitorial services
Jani-King worker or franchisee? Courts rule  worker.

BOSTON – A district judge once again has issued an order stating that Jani-King International and other entities misclassified its janitorial workers in Massachusetts by labeling them as franchisees.

Coverall to Pay Triple Damages

Left to right: Employee Pius Awuah, Attorney Liss-Riordan and Coverall employees at Massachusetts State House hearing
L-R:Awuah, lawyer Liss-Riordan & others appear before MA lawmakers, 2011

BOSTON – A federal judge ruled last Thursday that Coverall North America must pay triple damages to hundreds of workers classified as franchisees instead of employees, dating back from 2006. 

Dunkin Employees Will Go To Trial

Franchisees may establish a no-tipping policy, but employees may still sue if customers tip anyway.

Franchisor Hit Hard for Pretending Employees Are Franchisees

Pius Awuah, an employee of Coverall who was told that if he paid a franchise fee he was a franchisee
Coverall told Pius Awuah he was a franchisee but courts ruled he was an employee.

BOSTON – Today the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court smacked Coverall janitorial franchise system with a huge bill for labeling its employees as franchisees.

Franchisees Win with Massachusetts Lawmakers

Past franchisee Jane Keegan testifies before Massachusetts' Committee on Community and Small Business that an unscrupulous franchisor took her retirement savings
Janet Keegan testifies a franchisor took her retirement and left her bankrupt

BOSTON — Franchisees and a few franchisor advocates gathered on June 29 to be heard at the Massachusetts’ Committee on Community and Small Businesses. In a filled room, franchisees plead with state senators and representatives to provide fundamental protection from wayward franchisors.

Jani-King Touts "Prominent" Status in IFA

One of the most controversial franchisors is touting its prominence within the industry trade association.