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Burger King’s Queen Jean Templeton Talks

A multiunit Burger King franchise owner of franchises around Huntsville, Alabama, Jean Templeton, speaks about how she went from being an airline stewardess and bookkeeper in the 1960s to a multiunit restaurant owner of the country's second largest burger chain, Burger King.

Franchise Re-Sales: a Key Consideration When Evaluating a Franchise

Individuals considering a franchise opportunity should include franchise resale performance as part of the due diligence process.  Having an exit strategy is a critical component of any new business start-up.

IFA Missing in National Veteran's Small Business Conference

Washington – The International Franchise Association, self-proclaimed to be the largest franchise trade group in the world, has long touted its strong ties to the military in guiding veterans to buy small businesses.

Franchise Candidates: A Changing Mindset

A look at today’s franchise candidates will reveal they are more sophisticated, better educated, and more technologically advanced than ever before. In addition, and even more so because of the economic downturn, they are extremely cautious.