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Retiring Small Business Center Director on Social Media's Importance

Larry Rossini, director of the Knoxville branch of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center for 11 years, will retire at the end of March.

Many Small Businesses Losing Out because of No Website

A SCORE study has found that a huge number of small businesses are losing out because they don't have a website.

Employers who Solicit Facebook Friend “Snooping” Could Face Liability Under Federal Stored Communication Act

Facebook postings by employees have increasingly become a factor in employment discrimination lawsuits. In some of my recent cases, employers were made aware of an employee’s threats of violence, workplace misconduct or other inappropriate actions when a co-worker, who also was a Facebook “friend”,brought the Facebook post to the employer’s attention.

If You Do This...Then You Might be a Franchisor

I had a little fun this morning on Twitter with a variation of "If you do this... then you might be a redneck" theme of comedienne Jeff Foxworthy fame.

Mashed Potato and Bacon Danish, Need I Say More?

I get around quite a bit.  Wherever I go I really enjoy going to local restaurants for local food.

Social Media Exposes Dirty Golden Corral Franchise

A Golden Corral franchise in Port Orange is being investigated by the authorities after a video taken and uploaded online by employee Brandon Huber showed fly-ridden ribs and hamburger patties being kept at a dumpster to avoid inspection. It went viral.

Taco Bell Says Shell-Licking Employee Broke Contest Rules

An employee of a Taco Bell franchisee licks the taco shells to show how much he loves their taste

IRVINE, Calif. – A spokesperson for Irvine-based Taco Bell Corporation says that the viral photograph posted of an employee licking a stack of tacos isn't what you think it is.

Franchisor Control of Social Media Protects Value

Many franchisees purchase strong brands and depend upon the training, leadership, branding and ongoing support provided by the franchisor.

Customers Taking Photos Boost Brand Exposure

Today's menu taken at a local diner by Smartphone photographer Sniegowski
Instagram photo of vintage poster taken by D. Sniegowski at local diner

Ah, those customers who use their smartphones to take photos within your store—showing the fly on the wall, the employee not wearing her hat or other guests eating away. Who do these newfangled shutterbugs think they are?


Cornell Study Links Hotel Reviews to Bookings

A Cornell University study confirms what hospitality operators have long suspected—social media reviews drive hotel reservations. Moreover, they boost hotel pricing power.