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Restaurant Brands with the Most Buzz

Facebook page of Starbucks
Facebook page of Starbucks

Want to know what your license fees, royalties and marketing funds are doing for you - well, at least as measured by online buzz? A new daily social media index of foodservice businesses is launched today that shows Starbucks as the bellwether of online buzz and reach, from which all others quickly fall away.

Be Likeable Says Red Mango Founder

Red Mango's David Kim (center)
Franchisees Dave and Jen Rothberg with founder Dan Kim (center)

DALLAS – How do you bring an international brand to the U.S., open more than 170 franchised stores in a credit crisis, win loyal customers for repeat business across North America, and earn the #1 Zagat rating in today's economy? "Be likeable," answers Dan Kim, founder and chief concept officer of Red Mango Inc.

Social Media for Retailers: Playing Right in the Virtual Village

Everyone’s talking about Social Media these days. Obviously, we can’t ignore communities of a half-billion people or more that talk to each other, share recipes, product successes, failures, and preferences.

Bruegger's Seeks Sales via Social Media

A Bruegger's customer uses the local bakery's WiFi to surf the web

Obama Signs Act Protecting American Bloggers

WASHINGTON — On August 10 President Barack Obama signed the Speech Act, which shields American journalists, publishers (both print and online) and bloggers from “libel tourism,&rdquo

'Tweets' on the menu are a sweet deal

Restaurants are using social media for cheap, effective marketing.

NakedPizza Gets Boost from Mark Cuban

NakedPizza, a social-networking-savvy pizza restaurant here, said it got slammed Friday with its Twitter-based “Eat Like an Ancestor” promotion, which comes days after the concept got a major investment from Mark