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Franchisees Welcome SA Small Business Commissioner’s Bill

South Australia ParliamentThe passing of the South Australian Small Business Commissioner Bill has caused a tantrum over at the Franchise Council of Australia while franchisees cheer the final recognition that franchising has been brutally abused by too many franchisors.

WA Franchise Legislation Goes to Committee

Last night the Franchise Bill 2010 passed through the West Australian Parliament unopposed. The few opponents to the Bill were informed the numbers were clearly against them.

Big Brands Coming to Australia

FCA - IFA Fear MongeringAustralian television program, A Current Affair, has listed some big international franchise brands obviously not being put off by franchisees and state and federal politicians calling for effective franchise legislation.

Aussie Franchising Doing It Tough, US Lags

Free MoneyThere has been a constant call for years for the Australian federal government to intervene in small business; particularly in franchising. The banks have tightened lending criteria, franchise sales are down and franchisors are squealing.

Fair Go Legislation Website Release

fair goFair Go emphasizes the benefits to franchising of West and South Australian State franchising legislation while counteracting the incessant half truths, questionable conclusions and distractions coming from the Franchise Council of Australia.

Franchise Council Gets Desperate

The Franchise Council of Australia has disregarded the terms of reference set down by the West Austrian Committee reviewing the impact of some elements of the WA Franchising Bill 2010.

FCA in West Aus

Jack CowinFrom what I’ve read and haven’t read about Jack Cowin he is an impressive businessman, franchisor and franchisee.  The Hungry Jack’s brand is recognized throughout Australia and with a very healthy 15% increase over prior year his 2009/10 revenue topped the $1B mark. 

Here Comes W Australia Franchise Law

This week MLA Peter Abetz is to introduce a state franchise Bill designed to improve protection for franchisees in Western Australia.

Australian Franchise Law, the Nick of Time

As the South Australian franchising law looms on the near horizon the FCA continue to shake the fear tree.  Professor Frank Zumbo has called upon the Minister to change federal law. And that is all he has to do …. change it.