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New Hampshire Franchisees a No Show for Protection

Live Free or Die in New Hampshire by jcbwalsh
The Granite State's Bicentennial Monument by jcbwalsh

New Hampshire's franchise investment protection act, House Bill 1215, moves from its committee hearing on Tuesday to now a subcommittee on its way towards passage or rejection. But the bill's public hearing this week was an inauspicious start.

Franchisors and Franchisees Face Off in November on Pennsylvania’s Franchise Protection Bill

Inside the Pennsylvania State Capitol Rotunda by Elizabeth Thomsen
Pennsylvania State Capitol rotunda by Elizabeth Thomsen

HARRISBURG, Penn.—An investment protection act for franchise owners, House Bill 1620, is being proposed in Pennsylvania. Franchisee associations are asking for support from Pennsylvania's franchise owners.

Good Faith Passes California Senate! Assembly Next

California State Capitol Building
California's state capitol building. photo/thomas hawk

SACRAMENTO – California's senate this afternoon passed Senate Bill 610, which aims to strengthen good faith in franchising. Twenty-two senators voted in favor and twelve against. It now goes to the state assembly, and then finally will travel to Governor Jerry Brown's desk to become law.

Maine Lawmakers Listen to Franchisees and Franchisors

Jim Coen testifies before Maine lawmakers on how this bill will help franchisees in its state
Franchise expert Jim Coen testifies in support of bill, photo/wolak

BLUE MAUMAU PODCAST - Maine state senators and representatives listened Wednesday afternoon to a filled room of franchisees and some franchisors argue for and against Maine's LD 1458, the Maine Small Business Investment Protection Act.

172:40 minutes (9.88 MB)

California's "Level Playing Field for Small Business" Act of 2012 (AB 2305)

Was there ever a more appropriately-named state bill? The franchise playing field needs to be leveled because most franchise agreements are sharply one-sided in favor of franchisors who have the arbitrary power to:

Protection After the Purchase, State Franchise Relationship Laws

Sixteen states have laws that protect franchisees from certain unfair and capricious acts by a franchisor during its relationship with its franchisees.