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As McDonald's Sales Slide, Franchisees Seek Action

A red convertable at a McDonald's drive-thru
There's not only a missing customer, but drive-thru speed has slowed at McDonald's. Photo by Thomas Hawk

OAK BROOK, Ill. – McDonald's Corporation last week announced disappointing results for its first quarter ending March 31, 2014. McDonald's same restaurant sales in the United States decreased 1.7 percent.

Fighting Leukemia, Subway Co-Founder Fred DeLuca Mingles with Franchisees

Subway sandwich chain franchisees report that founder and president Fred DeLuca, who a year ago was diagnosed with an acute form of leukemia, is still engaged with franchise owners.

Subway Sued Over 11-Inch Footlongs

Remember when sub sandwiches were called submarine sandwiches because they were long and torpedo shaped?

Subway Eats Competition's Lunch

A Baltimore Subway shop celebrates AnyTober $5 Footlong
A Baltimore Subway shopfront. photo/bluemaumau

LEXINGTON, Ky. — For all but two of the largest six players in the sandwich sector, the recession has not been kind. That's despite the sector growing 3 percent a year since 2007, according to market researcher Technomic Inc. In short, the biggest guy on the block got bigger.

Top Sandwich Chains Ranked by Shop Profits

The lit up sub sandwich store front

LEXINGTON, Ky. —This year's ranking by Blue MauMau, our first, lists average store profits of sandwich shops, showing some winners and losers in 2012. Yes, you read that right – store profits. Here are Blue MauMau's best store profit estimates, from trusted sources who know sub sandwich shops and quick service restaurants.

Judge Vacates $8.4M Award, Orders Rehearing

PROVO, Utah — After an arbitrator awarded $8.4 million to franchisees of defunct Bajio Mexican Grill in restitution for being defrauded, a district judge ruled that the arbitrator’s award must be vacated and the issues re-arbitrated.

Subway Rolls Out Digital Signs Big Time

Real Digital Signage
Subway digital casting system. Photo c/o Real Digital Signage

Quick service restaurants McDonald's, Tim Hortons and Subway are rolling out digital signage. But in places where franchisees control national marketing and purchasing, the way they roll it out and think about it are different.

Franchisor Firehouse Subs Commits Fraud, Rules Federal Court

Firehouse Subs loses trademark ruling, court says company committed fraud


A federal judge refused to disturb a jury verdict holding that Firehouse Subs had committed fraud to obtain the "Firehouse" trademark.

Franchisees Run Better Chains

Keith Miller, Subway multiunit franchisee

SACRAMENTO — Franchisee Keith Miller argues that franchise chains can outperform the competition when they put owner-operators in charge of national functions like marketing and the supply chain.  Want proof? Then look no further than America’s largest franchise chain by number of stores – Subway.

9:55 minutes (4.54 MB)

Paralyzed Subway Sandwich Franchisee Awarded $21.6 Million

An appellate court upheld an award to the 4-unit franchisee, based in part on his entrepreneurial contribution to the business.