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Steak ‘n Shake Granted Summary Judgment in Colorado

DENVER – Last month a Colorado district court granted Steak 'n Shake's motion for summary judgment on claims of breach of contract, trademark infringement, unfair competition, and injunctive relief against two terminated franchisees' counterclaims for breach of contract and fraud.

False Denial By Franchisee Creates Triable Issue of Fact

The Hockey Enterprises saga continues, with an interesting twist.

Franchisor Vicarious Liability: Idaho Adopts Control Test

In a case of first impression, Idaho Supreme Court holds that Operations Manual directives do not constitute sufficient control to hold a franchisor vicariously liable.

McDonalds Wins Spatula Smackdown Suit

A woman claiming Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after being hit with a spatula at McDonalds lost her attempt to hold MCD and the franchisee vicariously liable.

Ohio Beer Wine Distributors Win over MillerCoors

In July, 2008 Miller and Coors entered into a joint venture that created MillerCoors. In August, 2008, MillerCoors notified a number of beer and wine dealers that MillerCoors was terminating them on the ground that it was a "successor manufacturer" under the Ohio Alchoholic Beverages Franchise Act.

Kahala Sues Klutz For Unauthorized Transfer

The selling franchisee was a real Klutz, but the buyer was just plain stupid.

Noble Roman's Wins Summary Judgment in Franchisee Lawsuit. Will Pursue Counter Claims

A lawsuit was filed against the publicly traded franchisor in 2008.

Jewish Refugees Lose To Coca-Cola

A judge has given victory to franchisor Coca-Cola in its battle with a Jewish family who fled Egypt in 1965.

Ideal Image Laser Franchisee Gets Another Chance

Reversing in part, the 11th Circuit holds that sometimes a corporation may have standing even though unformed at the time a cause of action accrued.

Leary v. Pepperidge Farm

A territory may not be altered by changing the meaning of a word and ignoring a course of business dealing, says an appellate court in reversing a trial court.