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Survey Finds that Many Who Have Tried Airbnb Prefer It to Hotels

A new survey by Goldman Sachs finds that a significant portion of people who have lodged at a place they found through Airbnb or a similar service decide they prefer the "peer-to-peer" (P2P) experience to hotels.

Small Businesses Looking Forward to Substantial Extra Income from Online Holiday Shopping

Many small businesses are happily finding that Internet sales are an important contribution towards their bottom lines.

Survey: Most Small Business Owners Avoid Loans

Most small business owners prefer not to take out a loan, according to a recent survey.

Utah, Idaho and Texas Named Most Friendly to Small Businesses

A survey of over 12,000 small business owners found Utah, Idaho and Texas to be the most friendly states to small businesses, while California, Rhode Island and Illinois were rated the least friend

McDonald's Best for Value, Service, Customers Say

A recent survey of American restaurant patrons shows that when it comes to what factors influence which quick-service restaurants get visited the most, value is tops (58%), then convenience (57%

Franchising First – Franchisee Dissatisfaction Survey

our time will comeWell perhaps not. Australia’s 10 Thousand Feet is off and running with the first of the 2011 franchisee satisfaction survey rituals. Wait a minute; they are concerned that some franchisors may be wary of a poor showing.

New Zealand Franchising Analysis

The conduct of the Massey and Griffith Universities survey from which the data was taken appears to involve more effort than I have seen in any previous Australian study and for New Zealand it is a first.  Do the results line up with franchising’s global interpretations?

Aussie Franchisee Satisfaction Awards

SurveysThe 10Thousand Feet online survey of Australian franchisees indicates a 4 percent satisfaction improvement from the sector.  Franchisee optimism is also said to be on the rise while 70% of franchisors anticipate an increase in franchisee recruitment in 2011. 

Groupons Less Successful for Restaurants than for Other Businesses

A recent survey of Groupon promotions concludes that restaurants have the least favorable outcomes of the four largest business categories studied (restaurants, educational services, salons & spas and tourism, respectively), with 42 percent (20 out of 48) reporting an unprofitable outcome. 

SSP Estimates 18% Profit Growth in 2010 for Franchisor

SPOOFBERRA, Australia - Spore, Spawn & Pawn predicts Australian franchise system numbers will mostly hold in 2010 after sailing through the global financial crisis mostly intact while predicting franchisor revenue growth will grow by 9.13% affording the opportunity to grow profit by 18.11%.