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Basic Tax Preparation for Small Business Owners

Russell Fox offers some tax preparation tips to small business owners. He owns Clayton Financial & Tax in Las Vegas and is the author of a newly published book, Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner.

New IRS Crackdown on Small Businesses

The IRS and the Department of Labor are running a new small business crackdown on owners who misclassify employees as independent contractors, says Fox Business News.

Biggest Problem Facing Small Businesses

A survey of business owners shows that "poor sales" is no longer the biggest problem cited by the most owners.

Small Business Owner Scorecard on Obama's SOTU Address

President Barack Obama State of the Union Address, Beginning Second Term 2013
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President Obama made some proposals in his State of the Union address that will affect small businesses, but are they good ones?

1031 Exchange Tax Requirements

Section 1031 is a useful section of the tax code that allows a taxpayer to defer taxable gains on a property by using it as an exchange rather than a simple sale.

Taxes: Conversion Franchise and 1031 Exchange

1031 tax deferred exchanges and franchises have more in common than may you think. Generating cash flow is king while saving tax dollars is a close second. Over the past couple of years, I have accommodated exchanges for owners of franchises.