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Millennials Use of Restaurants Changes as Lifestyles Change

Wine & Cheese
Wine & Cheese by Thomas Hawk

CHICAGO —Millennials are the chosen generation for many marketers because of their sheer numbers and perceived buying power. But they are not a homogeneous group.

How Restaurant Gratuities Are Changing

With full service restaurants (FSRs) and limited service restaurants (LSRs) undergoing changes, such as FSRs offering express lunch service or LSRs placing runners on their tables, the lines are blurring for consumers in deciding whether or not to tip.

8 Pioneering Hotels That Changed the Industry

Amenities and features add considerably to the pleasure of a stay in a hotel.

Diet Soda Sales Drop in 2013

Diet sodaThe perennial rising trend of consumers buying more reduced or zero calorie soda drinks has dropped for the 52 weeks ending November 23. Consumer habits are changing.

New Zealand Franchising Confidence Builds Into 2012

The Franchize Consultants’ April 2012 New Zealand Franchising Confidence Index demonstrates growing business confidence across a number of measures crucial to franchisor and franchisee success. The quarterly April results consolidate upon the rebound in confidence captured in January 2012.

Tim Horton’s Ruling may be a Cautionary Tale for Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Owners

A Canadian court ruling involving Tim Hortons may be a cautionary tale for Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees. The case was brought by a group of Tim Horton’s franchise owners after they were forced to sell items at below cost and switch to more expensive pre-baked donuts from a supplier affiliated with the franchisor.

How Ronald McDonald Was Created

Barry Klein, creator of the Ronald McDonald character, tells how it happened and gives his take on how advertising and parenting have changed since then.

Franchisee Satisfaction Indicators Suggest Contraction in Franchising

If franchisee satisfaction is, as we believe, an important indicator of future actions, the next few years could be challenging for the franchise industry.   

Americans Still Cutting Back on Spending

An online Harris Poll released on Wednesday shows that Americans continue to be budget-conscious. Almost half (48%) say they are brown-bagging lunch to economize.

The Franchise Industry Benefits as the Economy Begins Its Recovery

In the midst of an economic crisis, it’s no longer easy to get credit. Americans are beginning to live within their means. Unnecessary expenses are being cut by families and corporations.