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Franchisors, Do Right by Franchisees and Avoid Allegations of Churning

This post is in reaction to the Wall Street Journal article 'Financing Programs Aim to Help Franchisees' regarding Franchisors providing 'Lease to Buy' programs and similar arrangements to potential Franchisees who are unable to secure traditional loans.

Covenant Health v. Moulds

Citing to leading franchise law cases, the Supreme Court of Mississippi issued a blistering attack on unconscionable arbitration clauses and reversed the appellate court.

Parada v Superior Court (Monex Deposit Co)

Requiring three neutral arbitration & prohibiting class actions can render an arbitration clause unenforceable, rules a California appellate court in a case of significant importance to franchisees.

Australia to Revise Regulation of “Unconscionable Conduct”

SYDNEY (Blue MauMau) - The Australian Senate Standing Committee on Economics heard from Professor Frank Zumbo at a public hearing into whether to apply a statutory definition of “unconscionable conduct” into Trade Practice Act 1974.