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The NLRB Decision Will Not Destroy Franchising As We Know It!

I was never a believer that a National Labor Relations Board ruling on McDonald’s being a “joint-employer" would end franchising as Steve Caldeira, CEO and president of the International Franchise Association, has maintained. It would simply be a wake-up call for franchisors to review for over controlling policies and procedures when it comes to instructing franchisees and their employees.

Ohio Passes Law to Protect Franchisees

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio has passed a law that goes beyond many other states in its attempt to curb abusive franchising practices. The revised Ohio Business Opportunity Law protects the state's franchisees' right to sue a franchisor for false or untimely disclosure, ensures that Ohio law reigns supreme and attempts to safeguard that disputes be resolved in Ohio, not elsewhere.

Roark Capital Buys Massage Envy, Ass'n Shut Out

Massage Envy store in Denver area
A Massage Envy store in Centennial, Colo, photo: sparks

ATLANTA — While the regional franchisee developers association hoped to play an integral role in finding a new buyer for Massage Envy, one with whom they could form a long-term relationship alliance, that prospect has now diminished.

Franchise Models Are Broken!!!

As you all know, I'm a relatively new franchisee, even though my family has been in this industry and real estate development since the 50's and have a combined operational experience of more than 200 locations in Southern California and abroad under various brands.

Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights Passes 1000 Endorsements

The Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights (UFBoR),, passed 1000 endorsements and ratifications today.  The UFBoR was released by the Coalition of Franchisee Associations last year as a fairness doctrine after input from many franchisee advocates. 

California Assemblyman Pleased with Progress of Bill to Curb Franchising Abuse

Assemblymember Jared Huffman reads remarks to Judicial Committee for passage of fair franchise bill
Huffman  urges Committee to approve AB2305. It won a 6-3 vote. (photo/Raja)

SACRAMENTO — One of the two Assemblymembers who introduced California’s fair franchising bill spent a few minutes on the phone with Blue MauMau shortly after Bill 2305 was passed by the Judiciary Committee Tuesday afternoon. 

California Hearing on Fair Franchising on Tuesday, Act Now!

California State Assemblyman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) recently introduced AB 2305, The Level Playing Field for Small Business Act of 2012. This important piece of legislation helps protect franchisees from unfair business practices and enables them to continue creating jobs, contribute to communities and help grow local economies.

VIDEO: Franchisee Association Testifies to Massachusetts Lawmakers

Affiliates of Dunkin Donuts Independent Franchise Owners testified on June 29 at the beginning of a committee hearing regarding a fair franchising law sponsored by State Senator Brian A. Joyce.

Questions for 32,500 Hotel Franchisees

Here are questions for 32,500 franchised hotel owners and the answers.

Franchisee Bill of Rights Highlights Fairness

When franchisee association leaders gathered in Washington last month for the 2011 CFA Day Forum, they were witness to an important piece of franchising history.