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Belize High Court Finds Ex-Franchisor Executive Guilty of Defamation, Questions His Integrity

Belize Sanctuary
Photo: Sanctuary Belize Development

In a non-franchise litigation brought by Belizean property owners of a tropical development, the Belize Supreme Court found former franchisor executive Thomas Kevin Herskowitz guilty of defamation with malice.

Equity Extraction Schemes Live On in Franchising

The equity extraction scheme that was exposed by 7-Eleven's employee Kurt McCord, brings back painful memories for me. The scheme is eerily similar to what was perpetrated against Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees from 1998 thru 2008.

FedEx Outwits Rivals In Independent Contractor Fight

FedEx lobbyists got a NY law amended, and will save $122 million per year while increasing costs to competitors.

Big Business Hops onto Small Biz Bandwagon

Small business enjoys a good deal of support among the American public, judging from favorable comments highlighted in news stories about Small Business Saturday.

UPS Store Franchisee Council Voices Concerns

SAN DIEGO – After meeting with company officials last week, The UPS Store Franchisee Advisory Council voiced its concerns in the FAC meeting minutes.

Attorney Argues 'Evolution, Not Revolution' in UPS Trial

BREAKING: LOS ANGELES – The first day of trial began this morning with the Mail Boxes Etc. franchise owners facing off with their replacement franchisor in Morgate v United Parcel Service, alleging that UPS broke the franchise agreement by dismantling an existing owner-operated franchise structure after its takeover of Mail Boxes, Etc.